White Rum


White Rum


40% ABV, 750ml

We did a whole bunch of distillation experiments with different kinds and combos of sugar and sugar by-products before settling on the one we wanted to use to make our rum (Black Strap Molasses, Fancy Molasses, Demerara Sugar, Muscovado Sugar, Chinese Brick Sugar, etc.) The one we liked the best was Piloncillo Sugar (or Panela as it’s known in Columbia and Brazil). This is as unprocessed of a sugar as you can get – basically just boiled sugar cane poured into molds.

After fermentation, the sugar wash is distilled twice in our pot still. The white rum is lowered to 40% abv and bottled immediately. The result is a full flavored white rum with hints of a caramel aroma and toasty, dark sugar flavors. This is what you need to seriously step up the quality of all your tiki cocktails, mojitos, and cuba-libres!


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